74 Designing a Desert Garden

The great thing about designing a desert garden is that you can let your imagination go and it can be as wild or as structured as you like. It is also a great idea to have an outside party at home so that friends and family can come and relax together and enjoy the fresh air and the great natural beauty of the surroundings.

The great desert landscaping feature more than 2,300 species of desert plants and succulents in more than sixty landscaped gardens spread throughout the country. In fact, there are about a half million varieties. These plants provide us with much-needed nourishment, shade and beauty as well as providing a wonderful habitat for wildlife and birds, including migratory birds. The desert garden, which includes both indoor and outdoor plantings, makes a perfect setting for your garden.

Types Of Desert Garden Flowers

The first step when designing your desert garden is to decide on the type of flowers that you want. A combination of roses, ferns, cacti and shrubs can give your desert a Mediterranean feel, while other plants such as azalea can add interest to the outdoor area. Once you have your selection of plants, it is time to decorate them in the style that appeals to you. Consider adding a water feature, a bird bath or a fountain. Other plants that would make great additions to your desert include herbs, perennials and annuals, as well as trees and shrubs.

Watering And Fertilizing The Plants

One of the most important aspects of desert landscaping is to keep it watered. The best time to fertilize is in the spring and fall. During the summer, when the heat from the sun evaporates, it is a good time to apply a fertilizer. If the temperature is warm, you may want to water during the cooler days.

Make The Desert Look Greener

In addition to the plants you choose, you should also plant shrubs, trees and other types of shrubs in your desert. Taller plants, such as pines and pine trees, will provide shade for the smaller plants and create a greener look for your desert. Taller shrubs will also help provide privacy. and shade to the flowers and plants. Pines and pine trees will give you the privacy you need for peace and quiet evenings and sunsets.

Once your desert is designed, the fun part is to care for it. It is best to choose plants that are easy to grow, but not too hardy and difficult to take care of.