12 Cozy Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Living Room has expanded in fame as of late. This style is comfortable and ideal for families as it makes an awesome environment. The sentimentality and solace conjured by farmhouse style are all around engaging. The impartial hues and incorporation of rural collectibles make it a simple to live with style. Read more…….

Scandinavian style is trendy these years. The most striking element of Scandinavian minimalism is its color scheme – especially its simplicity. Use a pale or monochrome color to create space in the room and provide a feeling of calm and serenity. The Scandinavian style is known for its heavy and light form. It essentially embodies a completely pragmatic philosophy that looks good for its design purposes and has no extra non-practical decorations.

People living in the city are more and more like the design that is close to nature, and Scandinavian decoration style advocates nature, respects the tradition, and also incorporates more human factors, so it is more and more people like it. Today, we put together 30+ stunning Scandinavian living room design ideas for your inspiration. Read more…..

Best Modern Farmhouse Living Room Rug Decor Ideas

Classic farmhouse décor brings feelings of warmth and comfort. It’s all about mixing those traditional pieces with antiques and salvageable materials like wrought iron accents and reclaimed wood. With an earthy color palette, you can really spruce up your space with a variety of décor. To achieve this look, opt for vintage accents or heirlooms that really pop, fresh flowers to bring in the nature of the outdoors, open shelving for storage and let’s not forget about stylish floor décor.