10 Cozy and Calm Colorful Scandavian Bedrooms

Blue is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors in home decor. Navy blue, cornflower blue, cobalt blue…hues of the incredibly versatile color stretch from humble, comfortable and relaxing to powerful, artistic and regal, depending on how the color is used (and what its paired with). So, if you love the color blue and are looking for ways to incorporate it into your home, read on to see five killer blue-centric palettes—all with totally different vibes—that would be perfect in any room of your home. Read more…..

After planning my own bedroom and wanting to add a bit of colour, I realized how cozy and calm it made the room feel. Many people associate Scandinavian interior with white and a minimal neutral palette, but during the 1970s the Nordic region was actually obsessed with strong, bold colours, which is a trend we see coming back more and more. Whether you go bold or subtle, adding a bit of colour in your bedroom will help it become a tranquil and homely space. Which colour is your favourite? Read more….

You know I say all good styling starts with a plan and for me the most important thing in a bedroom is the atmosphere you want to create – do you want a warm and moody vibe or perhaps you prefer bright and airy? Read more….